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EDC, What is it and Why do I need it?

July 13, 2021 Keith Thomas Season 1 Episode 20
Typical Prepping
EDC, What is it and Why do I need it?
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In This Episode:

You've probably seen these 3 letters all over the internet by now. And you may honestly be wondering, what in the world does "EDC" stand for? It stands for "Everyday Carry".

In this episode we are going to explore why we should have gear for everyday carry and what types of items should we carry. 

Key Topics:

  • Introduction  -   01:08                                      
  • Why Carry every day - 03:01
  • What to Carry  -  03:32
  • Off Body Carry Essentials  - 09:08
  • Conclusion  - 13:40


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EDC, What is it and Why do I need it?

Welcome to Typical Prepping. The podcast for those who would like to start their own disaster preparedness plan, or those who have gotten started, but are not quite sure where or how to take the next steps.

Each week I'll present a disaster preparedness topic with actionable tips and strategies that you can implement to start or grow your personal disaster preparations. Thanks for stopping by to listen today.

Hi, I'm Keith, and welcome to typical prepping. In this episode, we’ll be talking about everyday carry Essentials and how these items can make your life easier. 

You've probably seen these 3 letters all over the place by now. And you may honestly be wondering, what in the world does "EDC" stand for? It stands for "Everyday Carry".

A person's EDC Gear is exactly what it sounds like...It's the stuff you carry every day. Often these items are found in your pockets or on your belt. This gear can sometimes spill over into backpacks, organizers, and more.

In this episode we are going to explore why we should have gear for everyday carry and what types of items should we carry. 

There is a ton of everyday carry items out there. I suggest you carefully choose items that you know you will or have a high probability of using during your day-to-day routine. Keep in mind that these are items you can easily carry on your person in addition to the 72-hour kit you should have stored in your vehicle, at work, or at home.

As an example I carry on a regular basis a Victorinox tinker pocket knife( and must admit I use the toothpick a lot), I wear a paracord bracelet which has a compass and Ferro rod fire starter made into the clasp along with a signaling whistle, I also carry a credit card-sized magnifying glass in my wallet as well as a credit card Knife, both which I have as backups, the credit card knife is my backup for my pocket knife and I can use the magnifying glass as a secondary fire starter if need be. I also try to keep at least 20 to 30 dollars in cash stashed away in case I need emergency cash to get me home.


Why EDC?


The answer is, these items are going to make your life a lot easier, they are going to allow you to deal with emergencies and to complete everyday tasks more efficiently. So to get you started, for the sake of simplicity, I've compiled a few items I think everyone should carry and these items take up very little space and add very little weight.

What to Carry?

1. A good, sharp knife:

If you are new to knives I recommend starting with a small knife like the Victorinox Tinker. This little knife has a great blade on it, but also has some other great tools onboard that can come in handy for everyday purposes (2 Blades, bottle opener, screwdriver, and more).

A knife is the most important part of anyone's everyday carry, because of all the versatility it adds to your life. You can substitute a good pocket knife with a multitool. Just make sure that your multitool is of good quality and has a good utility blade incorporated into its multiple functions.

Common EDC Tasks for a Knife: Opening Packages, Cutting Threads or Rope, Maintenance of tools or other everyday items, Food Prep, Emergency Tool, First Aid, or Self Defense

2. A slimmed-down wallet:

I believe a slim wallet is the only wallet worth carrying. No one needs to be carrying around a big 'ole trifold that is 4 inches thick. Ditch the junk, carry only the essentials and get into a nice slim wallet. I recommend the “Big Skinny” Brand wallet. It's a great durable wallet and holds a ton of stuff without becoming bulky. I Love it so much I’m leaving a link to their web page in the show notes and I don’t even receive any commissions from any purchase of their products.

Common EDC Tasks for a Wallet: Carrying your identification, Carrying your means to pay for Goods & Services. Credit card-sized magnifying glass, card-sized survival tools.

3. Cash:

Now that you've got yourself a slimmed-down wallet, fill it with only the essentials and some cash. Yes, cash. It's alarming how few people carry cash on them these days.

Here are a few reasons why you should "every day carry" cash:

Cards aren't accepted everywhere.

Leaving tips for servers or someone who has done a particular service for you (hair cuts, valet, etc).

Cash has more bargaining power in some cases (resulting in you getting a better deal).

Your bank could put a hold on your account for some reason.

Power or card readers could fail, leaving you with no way to pay. For that matter, your actual card could fail.

A disaster could occur leaving cash as the only way of paying for items.

Carry along a decent amount of cash so you're ready if you can't use your card, or if the situation is better suited for cash.

4. Flashlight:

Being able to illuminate a dark situation is crucial. Let's say you get a flat tire and you're stuck on the side of a dark road at 2 am ?  Do you want to attempt to change that tire in the dark? Or you went out for a hike with only what was on you (which we don't advise) and it got dark before you were finished...Do you want to hike out in the pitch black?

A flashlight can come in handy for a variety of emergency reasons. But I find myself using my flashlight in my everyday life as well. Find something reliable and compact that uses common batteries and clip it to your pocket.

Common EDC Tasks for a Flashlight: Lighting up dark rooms or the outdoors, Spotlighting something to show someone what you're talking about, Gently illuminating a dark room when others are asleep instead of turning the light on, Emergency Lighting, Self Defense Tool (threat identification), Signaling for help

5. Your cell phone:

This is something 99.9% of us already EDC, but it's worth mentioning. If you feel like you're not suited for carrying gear every day, take a pause. You're already carrying your phone every day. Just imagine how much of your life you've based around it.

Now with that same logic, apply it to the other items we’ve talked about. Before too long you'll push your phone down the list of priorities and your other items will be more important to you.

Common EDC Tasks for a Cell Phone:  Keeping in touch with others, Calculator, GPS/Online Maps, Emergency Calls, Checking store hours

6. A Lighter or waterproof matches

Although in many cases highly unlikely is the event that you're stuck in the outdoors and need to build a fire for warmth or to light candles for lighting. Having a means of making fire is essential in my opinion. There is always the possibility of getting stuck on the roadway, especially during adverse weather. As a matter of fact, it hasn’t been but a couple of years ago that Interstate 65 was closed here during a snowstorm and there were several folks stuck in the cars overnight due to the adverse condition of the roadway. This could have potentially turned worse and the need for fire could have become a priority for warmth.



7. IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit):

Your IFAK could be anything from a small First Aid kit to touch up small wounds or something that can handle more serious injuries. I personally opt to carry a small first aid kit that can handle both. Whatever you choose, just make sure you always have it handy. This is an item that can truly be a lifesaver.

Common EDC Tasks for an IFAK: Treating small wounds and cuts, Relieving headaches if you carry medicine for it, Acting as a First Responder (if you're certified), Bettering your situation until professional medical help arrives

8. Small Notebook and Pen:

While today's generation is dependent upon technology for note-taking and remembering things, nothing beats the classic authenticity of taking notes with a good pen and paper.

Common EDC Tasks for a Notebook and Pen: Quick note-taking, Leaving a note behind for someone, Exchanging info with others

9. A Water Bottle:

The use of a water bottle isn't exactly rocket science...I just like to stay hydrated with water while on the go and not have to pay for bottled water while I’m out. A good water bottle can also come in handy if you're faced with some sort of emergency as well. Having good clean water will prevent you from dehydrating and you can even use the water to clean wounds in combination with your IFAK.

Common EDC Tasks for a Water Bottle: Staying Hydrated, Saving Money on overpriced bottled water, Emergencies

10. Paracord:

550 Paracord is one of the strongest types of cordage that you can buy. Paracord is not just one strand of cordage. Depending on the type of Paracord you purchase it will have 7-9 inner strands...Which makes it incredibly strong. It weighs nothing and is fairly inexpensive. It's so incredibly versatile in its number of uses that it would be crazy to leave it at home. 

It can be used for camping types of tasks. zipper pulls. Carrying stuff, using it as a makeshift sling.  securing cargo with it. lanyards for knives and fishing lines.

There are plenty of other uses for paracord, but hopefully, that will give you a good idea of its versatility. I recommend carrying at least 150 ft of paracord.


11. Personal Protection:

As much as we would love to believe we don't need this item in our EDC Loadout, we, unfortunately, have to think about it in today's world. The last thing we would want is for you or your family to become a victim.

Know your local laws on this one and ensure that you act accordingly with them. Depending on your local laws I would recommend that you carry some way of protecting yourself and your loved ones. This could be a more beefed-up knife, pepper spray, a small baton of a firearm.

Whatever you decide to carry as your personal protection item, pack it consistently and take it seriously. Just because you're carrying some form of a weapon does not make you the police and it doesn't warrant you to behave like a vigilante. If this is going to be a problem you need to leave this item off of your list. A weapon is a serious item to carry and it should be treated with unwavering respect, no matter how long you carry it.

Get proper training to handle whatever self-defense item you choose. Waiting to use your personal protection item 'til you need it is not the right answer. It could result in you or someone else becoming seriously injured or killed.

Becoming more prepared in your life with solid "everyday carry" gear is a topic that is super important. You will soon realize the importance of carrying the right gear and being prepared to use it. Everyday carry gear can make your life a lot easier and make emergency situations less difficult to deal with. Whatever gear you choose to carry, make sure that it doesn't overly way you down; choose items that can be used for multi-purposes. Choose gear that makes sense to carry and fits your lifestyle.

 Well, folks, that's gonna do it for this week. Thanks for listening and join me next week for another preparedness topic and Until then, stay safe and be prepared! 

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 Until next time, stay safe and be prepared!

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